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Reeta Mehta, M.S.

Director of Operations

Reeta’s career spans over 35 years of experience in the field of child development, education, and social work in India and the U.S. After completing her B.S. and M.S. in Child Development at MSU of Baroda, India, Reeta worked with UNICEF, SOS Children’s Village of Pune, and the Indian Council for Child Welfare in Delhi. She was also a professor of Child Development at SNDT Women’s University in Pune.


In 1992, she founded North Delhi’s first school for neurodiverse children called Savera, the namesake of this practice. The school served children with neurodevelopmental, physical, mental health, and medical challenges who were underserved in traditional schooling environments. Savera School’s goal was to provide these children with specialized services including occupational, physical, speech, and art/music therapies to help them thrive to their potential. As the founder and director of her school, Reeta spearheaded several community efforts to eliminate stigma, raise awareness, and promote inclusion of differently abled children. 

Since her move to the U.S., Reeta has served the Regional Centers in southern California for nearly 20 years to identify, assess, and, create treatment plans for infants and children with various developmental conditions including autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and intellectual disabilities. 

As the Director of Operations at Savera, Reeta oversees the San Diego practice. She leads community awareness/outreach efforts, management of client services, and selection/retention of our talented practitioners.


Reeta also offers training and /consultations to assist caretakers and parents with their child’s emotional and behavioral regulation, and sets developmentally appropriate expectations for their child. She passionate about using gardening as a way to teach children adaptive skills like(i.e., compassion, empathy, self-reliance, patience, sharing, and appreciation for diversity). She partners with local farmers to offer children 8-16 week guidance through gardening. 


In her spare time, Reeta is an avid gardener, nature wanderer, cook, and yoga practitioner. She is also an active volunteer in her local South Asian community with various organizations aimed at empowering and uplifting women’s voices. She has taken part in and directed a stage show called Yoni Ki Baat for three years that gives South Asian women a platform to share their stories concerning traditionally taboo topics.





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