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Meet our team of

Executive Coaches


Christine Dickson, Ph.D.

Executive Coach

Leadership Development Consultant

  • Dual PhD Clinical & Industrial/Organizational Psychology, CSPP- San Diego

  • MS Psychology, CSPP-San Diego

  • MA Human Behavior and Organizational Psychology, Kean College of New Jersey

  • BA with honors in Psychology, State University of New Jersey

What inspired you to enter this profession?

Personal development and growth is a fascinating and exciting process to undergo. I enjoy guiding my client through this process. Learning, changing, and growing is critical to a happy, successful life. When we achieve our personal goals, we often feel empowered and more in control of our lives.


What are your areas of specialty?

Impression management is an area that I have a particular interest in. I help my clients recognize the impression that they are creating with others and/or the impression that is generated based on the biases of their peers or management. Clients then learn to take ownership of this impression and work to manage it. 


Many high performing, successful executives suffer with what is called the imposter syndrome (i.e. feeling deep down that they are inadequate). I work with clients to overcome this affliction and feel at peace with themselves.  


I regularly work with clients on how to Say No. Many executives want to please others so they tend to say Yes to requests more often than they could and feel overwhelmed as a result. This is why I teach clients how to be skillful and effective about saying No to requests. 


Navigating difficult political situations and aligning with critical people is another area I regularly work with clients on developing skills around. 


I also work with clients to develop strategies to increase efficiency and effectiveness of their work process. 


Public speaking and effectively delegating to subordinates can be challenging to many executives, which is why I work with my clients to develop skills in these areas. 


What is most rewarding about your work?

I love seeing my clients feel more empowered and in control of their work life. When clients put coaching strategies and techniques into practice they begin to make changes in big and small ways. It is very exciting to help facilitate this process.    

What is the one pain point for leaders that you commonly encounter in your work?

I am struck by how many high performing, successful executives, suffer with what is called the imposture syndrome (i.e. feeling deep down that they are inadequate). This is driven almost entirely by a deep seated feeling of shame (i.e. "I am not good enough"), which is why books and speeches by shame researcher Brene Brown are so popular among entrepreneur and executives. In Brown's work on shame called, "The Power of Vulnerability," it is no surprise that her TED Talk on this topic has over 34 million views and her books on shame are best sellers. She addresses the shame that many high performing, successful people feel including herself and strategies for overcoming it.

What about you or your approach makes clients click with you the most?

I am very empathic and able to step into my clients shoes and see from their point of view. I am also very analytic and can break down complicated problems into a smaller parts, which can easily be evaluated and solved. I enjoy scenario planning and helping my clients prepare for challenging situations. Any client who works with me will be extremely prepared for any new or emerging situation that we can anticipate. Role playing is something I often practice with clients to prepare them for sticky situations. I also encourage my clients to write out scripts for key situations so they can more effectively present thoughts.


What gets you up in the morning?

There are two major things that get me up in the morning. First is the extreme beauty of nature. I am blessed with the opportunity to live in the redwood forest in the North Bay of San Francisco surrounded by the redwood forest. Everyday I smile when I see the forest and never get tired of its beauty. The second thing that gets me up in the morning is my child. Like many career oriented women, I sacrificed having children to pursue my education and career goals. It was not until I was much older that I finally had a child. My child's enthusiasm and delight in each day also always gets me up in the morning! 



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