The Practice


With a Dual Ph.D. in Clinical and Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Dr. Amrita Mehta was excited to build a practice that bridged her unique experience as a licensed clinical psychologist and leadership consultant. She created a team of passionate professionals who cater to the needs of a broad spectrum of individuals—from children, adults, and families, to leaders in organizations.


The foundation of Savera Psychological Services PC is based on the premise that change is constant, and that positive change can be a byproduct of conscious human behavior. At Savera, we recognize that humans are complex beings who operate based on their unique set of perceptions and experiences. As a result, people often act and interact in habitual ways. Some of these habitual patterns can be adaptive, while others can be counterproductive or even harmful. The purpose of Savera’s services is to provide individuals with tools in their personal and professional lives that create a shift from unhelpful, automatic responses to helpful, conscious responses. 


At Savera, we have a dedicated group of clinicians and leadership coaches who provide the following services: Psychotherapy, Evaluations, Educational Consulting, and Leadership Development. 


The Name


Savera, a Hindi word for "dawn", signifies change and new beginnings. The name comes from Dr. Mehta's mother's pioneering venture in India. In the early 90s, Reeta B. Mehta founded Savera, the first multidisciplinary school of its kind that provided differently abled children with behavioral, medical, physical, occupational, and cognitive interventions to help them reach their potential. The school not only empowered children and their families but also dispelled stigmas in the community about mental health and disability.


Inspired by the holistic approach, Dr. Mehta founded her multifaceted practice to provide mental health and coaching services to those dedicated to embracing change in a meaningful way.



Individual, Couples, Family

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Psychological and Neuropsychological

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Leadership Development

Emerging Leaders, Teams, Executives

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