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Embodied Contemplative Practice



Explore the qualities of heart-centered living through the practice of Yoga


What do we mean by "living from the heart"? How can heart-centered living align you more closely with what deeply moves and inspires you? This 2-part series will explore these themes through the embodied contemplative practice of Yoga.  Join us as we learn to develop a deeper connection with one self and others, to trust in our inner guidance, and to cultivate more resilience and intentional living.


Each 2 hour module will include a Hatha Yoga asana practice, guided breathwork and meditation.  There will also be an opportunity for individual and partnered reflective practice to help integrate your experience.  This series is designed to:

  • Cultivate sense of heart space through empathic/attuned listening, intentional movement and  authentic expression.

  • Strengthen connection and trust in inner guidance. 

  • Develop awareness of mind-body connection.

  • Encourage focused awareness of breath to help regulate body and mind.

  • Promote sense of resourced grounding, strength and resilience.

About the group

  • Saturday (6/24) Sunday (6/25) from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm 

  • 2 hours per session

  • 8-10 participants (Adults only)

  • Workshop Fee : $120

  • Facilitated by Desirae Torrens, LMFT

Group Format


Yama Kids Yoga

2631 Ashby Ave. Ste A., Berkeley, CA 94705

If the current group reaches its capacity of 10 participants, we will inform you by email and you will be added on the waitlist till the next group is offered.

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