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Meet our team of

Executive Coaches


Ali Meyer, M.S.

Leadership Coach

Management Consultant

  • MS Clinical and Industrial Organizational Psychology, CSPP- San Diego

  • BS Psychology, UC Berkeley

What inspired you to enter this profession?

I began my coaching career by accident. I was working in sales while I was applying for grad school in Clinical Psychology. In that job, I witnessed an organizational culture of disengaged employees who didn’t feel valued. One day I had the opportunity to provide observations and feedback to some of the leadership staff, who to my surprise, had been completely unaware of the role they were playing in creating such a culture. In that moment I had an “aha!” and a spark for helping leaders develop was ignited. This spark, coupled with a passion for understanding human behavior, led me to follow grad school in both Clinical and Industrial-Organizational Psychology.


What are some areas that you most often work with?

Born and raised in Peru, I have an appreciation for working with diverse individuals with different backgrounds. I have worked with clients across a diverse array of industries, including: life sciences, healthcare, technology, gaming, financial/investment, aerospace, government, and non-profit. I enjoy working with leaders and organizations to build leadership development programs from the ground up, which can include management training, team alignment, and coaching. I have a passion for helping teams understand their dynamics to develop alignment while working through specific issues. In addition, I particularly enjoy working with female leaders and emerging leaders. I have found it rewarding to work with clients who are in early transitioning startups and are learning how to develop their teams and leadership skills.


What is most rewarding about your work?

As a coach, I work to help people understand how our beliefs and environments can trigger unwanted behaviors. Through feedback, exploration, and accountability I strive to help people achieve positive, lasting change in behavior for themselves, their people, and their teams. Being part of this process, and being allowed to be part of an individual’s inner workings, is an opportunity that I deeply value and respect. I am incredibly grateful that I get to be part of a process that helps make people’s lives a little better.

What is the one pain point for leaders that you commonly encounter in your work?

Self-awareness. Being aware of how you are perceived by others and seeking feedback on how to improve your contribution to the business is a vital component of leadership success. Often, as individuals grow and move up within leadership ranks, one’s circle of trust and continuous feedback tends to get smaller and smaller, which can lead to misalignment between ones self-perception and the perception of others. Coaching can be a great resource for bringing light to these blind spots and helping to build plans and goals for strengthening possible weaknesses and leveraging strengths.


What about you or your approach makes clients click with you the most?

My background as a clinician coupled with my understanding of organizational systems helps clients navigate through their desired changes by expanding beyond their default behaviors toward more self-awareness and intentional choice. Using inquiry, and feedback from assessments, I help clients discover and clarify areas for development, encourage self-awareness, and elicit self-generated solutions and strategies. My clients acknowledge my unique ability to hold them accountable in a way that is compassionate, supportive, authentic, never judgmental, which ultimately helps them achieve their objectives.


What gets you up in the morning?

I have an energetic, full-of-life little girl who keeps me on my toes. She wakes me up (earlier than I want!) each and every day with smiles, coos, and babbles. Seeing that face every morning helps start my day with happiness and positivity. 



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