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Educational Consultants specialize in helping individuals gain deeper insights into how the brain, behavior, senses, and emotions impact learning. With a therapeutic and strengths-based approach, our educational consultants offer clients the tools to learn, reduce stigma, and dispel myths about neurodiversity and specific conditions like AD/HD, Autism, specific learning differences, giftedness, and emotional and sensory experiences. Educational consultants also work with families to identify appropriate educational supports, and offer specific strategies to bridge the gap between their student's performance and potential.  

For clients struggling with keeping pace and persistence at work or school, the consultant works with the client to develop effective habit-forming behaviors. With initial scaffolding and accountability, clients are gradually able to increase self-reliance and implement tools for success.

Consultation Specialties

  • Review psychoeducational or neuropsychological assessment reports to determine if additional/modified assessment is required

  • Simplify clinical findings & recommendations of former assessments

  • Prepare families for academic support plan meetings (e.g.,IEP/504 Plan)

  • Correspond with school staff and community resources to ensure effective accommodations 

  • Monitor progress in response to specific interventions/supports 


Executive Functioning Skills Coaching

​The educational consultant works with the client to develop a customizable coaching plan to support with executive functioning skills:

  • Organizational skills/time management

  • Task initiation and completion

  • Reduced procrastination

  • Setting healthy limits/boundaries

  • Regulating behaviors and emotions

  • Sensory regulation

  • Increasing mental flexibility

  • Clear communication/expectations  

Other Services

Adults, Children, Couples

Leadership Development

Emerging Leaders, Teams, Executives


Psychological & Neuropsychological

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