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Meet our team of

Executive Coaches

Marisa Singer Headshot.jpg

Marisa Singer, LCSW

Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

  • Coach Certification- UC Davis

  • Masters of Social Work - Hunter College School of Social Work, New York

What inspired you to enter this profession?

I spent 20 years working in nonprofit, social impact agencies serving immigrant and refugee communities – deep in the trenches with clients and higher up in a supervisory role. I worked as a legal representative, a program manager, a therapist and as a supervisor for other therapists. I showed up to work knowing that what I did truly mattered in my clients’ lives. But gradually, the systemic dysfunctions within the agencies I worked and the systemic inequalities in the world began to wear down my spirit and body. I made the hard choice to step away from my work to take care of myself and chart a new path forward. But I felt uninspired and overwhelmed about what to do next. Throughout, I asked myself:  how can I be of service to others while also being of service to myself? Coaching became the compass for me to find my way forward. The structured, focused, supportive space was critical in helping me figure out my next move. Ultimately, I had an “aha” moment where I realized, “I can do THIS. I can be an amazing coach!” I realized that coaching is a beautiful extension of my clinical experience and offers a more contained, sustainable way to help people. Within a month of my “aha” moment, I had enrolled in and begun a coach certification program. It was the beginning of this new, exciting chapter I’m in right now. 

What are your areas of specialty?

I am often working with clients in transition. This could be a career transition, a job transition, a life transition or a parenting transition. I also work with social impact professionals (helpers, healers, humanity-supporters) who are struggling with burnout, work/life balance, imposter syndrome, agency politics or sustainability in the field. Because of my personal and professional experience with ALL of the above issues, I bring a lot of empathy and knowledge to the coaching dialogue. 


What is most rewarding about your work?

As a coach, I work to help people understand how our beliefs and environments can trigger unwanted behaviors. Through feedback, exploration, and accountability I strive to help people achieve positive, lasting change in behavior for themselves, their people, and their teams. Being part of this process, and being allowed to be part of an individual’s inner workings, is an opportunity that I deeply value and respect. I am incredibly grateful that I get to be part of a process that helps make people’s lives a little better.

What is the one pain point for leaders/organizations that you commonly encounter in your work?

Limiting beliefs about themselves. This goes for anyone, not just leaders. We are so conditioned to have negative narratives running through our heads about ourselves. The narratives usually boil down to something like:  “I’m not good enough”. It takes enormous energy and intention to 1) notice the negative thoughts; 2) recognize that they are not factual and; 3) replace them with something that serves us. I love being part of someone’s process to break down these limiting beliefs in order to see the road ahead more clearly and move forward with more confidence.


What about you or your approach makes clients click with you the most?

I show up with my whole self to working with clients – I’m 100% there, and clients can feel it. They can tell that I am listening with my whole being and truly care about them. Most importantly, my clients tell me they feel heard and less alone, which allows them to open up, get vulnerable and think creatively together about how to move through challenges. I am also warm, intuitive and not afraid to compassionately challenge people. I am a soft place to explore hard things. 


What gets you up in the morning?

My daughter! The pitter patter of her feet down the hall and then the morning cuddles that come next. Quickly thereafter, a good cup of coffee and some fun music to start the day.

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